All Blues Funk**              Our Spanish Love Song                Never Alone**                          I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say    

And I Love Her**             Things We Said Today**              September Samba*                 Head Start*                

Black Orpheus**              Up & At Em'*                                   Cumulus*                                  Anthem*

Juliana*                             Blues in C*                                       Driftwood*                                 In Spiritual Love   

Letter From Home           And Then I Knew                           Rusticles*                                   JC Guitar*

Some Other Time*           Are You Going With Me?             Yesterday                                   Reflection*   

Flashback*                         Farewell to Spain*                         Something to Remind You    My Classical Peace*      

Almost There*                  Lament*                                           Jaco                                              For Pete*

The Wedding Song          Ostinato                                            Forever*                                                                               

I've been a musician for most of my life. It all began with accordion lessons when I was 11 years old. I progressed to the piano, guitar and then bass. I currently play mostly keyboards and upright electric bass.  I also play acoustic guitars.

The digital age has had a profound effect on the creation of music. Creating music has never been more exciting for a musician. The instruments used for making music have improved dramatically with the advent of digital high fidelity instruments. The music on this page was created using these instruments. The majority of the music here was performed by me alone. Some of the music as indicated was recorded with additional musicians. This music covers a span of about 30 years.

Flashback* is an original composition and collaborative effort with a terrific musician, synthesist, and composer, Pat Sullo.

*Original Composition        Cumulus* - in memory of Larry Brown

**Additional Musicians: Fran Mercante - Jay Molina - Phil Clark - Carlos Camarasa - Russell Worrell